Manual para divorciarse


Everyone talks about divorce as if it were something that would not happen, but you’d better think about it, because in a moment it can happen to you, and turn your horrible life into a worse …

Many tell you, “I have been divorced three times”; Others, “I am five,” but only a few speak that they have managed to fix their situation. Is it easier to fight than to mediate? Or is it that in the new world to forgive is out of bounds?

When I thought about writing this book I was in the first stage of my divorce, the breakup, and at that time I thought that if there is a handbook for almost everything, for example: married, newborns, why would not there be a handbook for Divorce me, instruct you to be an event in peace instead of a war?

Includes: The duties of husbands and wives according to the Bible.

  • Book in Spanish



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